Carbon Fibre and Composite Repair Service


We repair carbon fibre road bike frames,carbon fibre mtb frames, bike wheels, splitters, front air dams, spoilers, water skies, motorcycle parts anything carbon fibre or fibreglass construction we will have a repair solution.

We are more than happy to spend a while on the 'phone explaining how to do stuff, but we have found that most of our customers want to send things to us to fix.

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Just follow these easy steps:

1. Call Andrew on 021 1186438 or email with details of what has broken. We may not be able to do anything with some stuff, so it would be a waste of time to even send it to us.  A couple of photo's less than 2 or 3 Mb are welcome. If we think we can fix the item, we'll give you a rough idea as to how much it will cost - but at this point it is just an estimate, we can only give an exact cost when the item has been inspected - a lot of damage is hidden to the untrained eye.

2. If the price is ok with you, and we are more than 90% sure we can fix it, we'll need it here for a closer inspection and to fix the price.  This will be at your cost, so strip the item to the minimum to save on postage - Particularly important with bike frames is to strip off as much as possible, wheels etc. We don't like any oil or grease into the workshop area, so clean items only please. (Tip: Get a frame box from your local bike shop - they're usually throwing them out)

3. When we get your item, we will inspect it and be in touch. At this point we will confirm the cost of the repair - or if it really is beyond repair, we'll advise you of this and send the item back. So it is really important to get step 1 right then there will be no unnecessary shipping.

5. If we can repair the item, we'll go ahead when you instruct us to.  When it is ready to send out, we'll contact you for payment at the price agreed plus shipping.

6. You get your item back at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Note: We will not send anything out we are not 100% sure will be stronger than the original.

So, what are you waiting for..!  A no obligation estimate or advice is free. We will give you a good idea of the cost before you send the item to us.


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